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Industrial Safety Management

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Guardian employs the safety, health, and environment system.

Safety and Health
They have been defined as the priority assignment of the Company.
We are taking a lead in the establishment of a safe and healthy society through continuous efforts on the improvement and prevention of safety accidents.
We will play a leading role in improving the safety and health of a society by developing our competence and technologies.

Eco-friendly business management has been defined as our core assignment. We should preserve the environment by minimizing the volume and amount of pollutants arising in the workplaces.

Even from the agreement settlement stage, we should prepare our quotation and agreement in accordance with our systematic safety, healthy, environment, regulations and procedures, accident management, and emergency manuals.

Waste management
We should train and manage our employees to handle the wastes arising from our worksites in accordance with our waste management protocol and procedure in order to prevent environmental pollution.

We should secure the safety of personnel and equipment through proper monitoring/maintenance inspection.